If you are power driven vessel for which vessels you are give way?

In Sight of One Another 

I will give way to all vessels when there is risk of collision or close quarter situation exist except for overtaking vessels in ample sea room. 


1. All power driven vessel crossing on my own Starboard Side

2. Power-driven vessels meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses (approximately 3on either side of mast Head Light) 

3. Vessel being overtaken 

4. Vessel constrained by her draught 

5. Approaching a very large vessel or a tow or approaching a vessel at close range. 

6. All Hampered Vessels 

– Not Under Command 

– Restricted in her ability to manoeuvre 

7. Sailing vessel 

8. Vessel engaged in fishing 

In Restricted visibility: 

All vessels are give ways and require to keep out of the way

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