Nautical Class has collected the Frequently Asked Questions in the Competency Exams for Officers to clear their exams, below are some Function 1 Navigation FAQ

MAKING WAY: When the vessels cut through the water and vessel is in control by helm. 

If engine is just stopped and she still making wake and cut through water then she is making way. 

UNDERWAY: The water is taking ship from one place to another When she is not at anchor, or made fast to shore, or aground. 

For Example: 

If current 5 knots / Drifting with a tide from head and ship is stopped.

She is Underway.

If current is 5 Knots from stern and she is going astern with dead astern.

She is Making way.

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In Sight of One Another 

I will give way to all vessels when there is risk of collision or close quarter situation exist except for overtaking vessels in ample sea room. 


1. All power driven vessel crossing on my own Starboard Side

2. Power-driven vessels meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses (approximately 3on either side of mast Head Light) 

3. Vessel being overtaken 

4. Vessel constrained by her draught 

5. Approaching a very large vessel or a tow or approaching a vessel at close range. 

6. All Hampered Vessels 

– Not Under Command 

– Restricted in her ability to manoeuvre 

7. Sailing vessel 

8. Vessel engaged in fishing 

In Restricted visibility: 

All vessels are give ways and require to keep out of the way

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In Sight of One Another 

I am stand on for Power driven vessel in Crossing Situation on my own port side and for all overtaking vessels until the other vessel takes action by her manoeuvre before developing close quarter situation. 

In Narrow channel or Traffic Separation Scheme I am stand on for vessel engaged in fishing, vessel less than 20m in length or a sailing vessel until they take action by her manoeuvre before developing close quarter situation 

In Narrow channel for crossing vessel until other vessel takes action by her manoeuvre before developing close quarter situation.

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No, Rule 13 says vessel is overtaking when coming up with another vessel from direction more than 2 Points (22.5o) abaft the beam.

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