Important Items to be checked by Duty Officer during Rounds

Following are list of items to be checked during safety and security rounds by Duty Officer on an Oil/Chemical Tanker. (Similar Checks can be done on other type of Ships)

1. To check rat guards in place after mooring completion.
2. To confirm if pilot ladder is rigged on sea side to pick up and secure.
3. Confirm if all stores on deck are locked prior lowering gangway.
4. To check all restricted areas on board the vessel
5. Ensure FW filling pipes on poop deck are locked.
6. Restrict access to accommodation only from a single entry (Usually CCR Deck)
7. All W/T and steel doors leading to accommodation to be on paper seal however capable of being opened from outside.
8. Access to monkey island to be restricted by placing barricades / Chain Bar.
9. VHF must be either switched off or set to LOW power (1 Watt)
10. AIS set to LOW Power (1 Watt)
11. Correct Flags hoisted during the day. Courtesy Flag Hoisted the right Way.
12. Dangerous cargo light is ON during cargo Operation, it has to be steady red light and not Flashing Red Light.
13. Funnel door and E/R skylights to be kept locked from within.
14. Garbage drums at the designated collection area to be checked for its contents and compliance with garbage management plan and colour code. Garbage receptacle bins must contain the correct category of refuse for which it is identified. All bins must be on wood grating, leak proof, no over fill and have cover in place.
15. Above compliance to be verified in galley, W/H and CCR Bins.
16. Ensure all scuppers are in place and plugged properly.
17. To ensure that a lifebuoy with SI light and a heaving line available at the Gangway.
18. All Lifebuoys must be in place in their respective cradles.
19. To rig safety net covering the entire length of the gangway and space between ship side and ladder.
20. Gangway watch must have a high-pitched whistle to raise alarm or attract attention.
21. All Save all trays of mooring winches and windlass must have mechanical plugs in place.
22. Both bow stoppers must be in place on the windlass with locking pins in place.
23. Mooring winch and windlass gears disengaged and locking pins in place.
24. Check mooring ropes are kept tight.
25. Fire wires if rigged, must be above water line.
26. All unused cargo, vapor and bunker manifolds must be with all bolt/nut in place and full tight. All drain caps plugged.
27. Empty cargo tank entrance hatches and butterworth hatches must be closed and fully bolted.
28. Alternate means of escape, accommodation ladder on sea side to be swung out and rigged.
29. Check gangway register / visitor log for correct and complete entries and updated.
30. FFA and Protective Clothing at manifold area must be placed upwind and 10-15 meters away from the cargo manifold.

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